NYC-based product manager turning good ideas into good software.
Fluent in both human and geek.



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Product Line Owner @ Johnson & Johnson, NYC

Software product manager and Agile product owner at the world's most comprehensive and broadly-based health care company.

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Director of Product Development @ Integrative Nutrition, NYC

Oversight of software product creation and maintenance at the world's largest nutrition school (~35K paid students) as the company refocused on core educational activities.

  • Acted as chief liaison between business leadership and technology teams, eliciting and articulating goals and solutions to ensure alignment of purpose among stakeholders
  • Defined vision, roadmaps and KPI's for software products, maintaining constant advancement of company goals at every phase of the product lifecycle
  • Coordinated engineering, design, content and business intelligence teams to provide coherent and delightful user experiences across the product ecosystem, as well as consistent backflow of actionable analytics data to business decision-makers
  • Collaborated with senior management and tech leadership to anticipate staffing, resourcing and budgeting needs required for successful execution of product strategies


Lead Product Owner @ Integrative Nutrition, NYC

Analysis, planning and development of core software products during a high-growth period (expansion from ~15K to ~30K paid students), during which the company's focus broadened beyond education to multiple web-based wellness-related initiatives.

  • Led discovery and requirements gathering (via user stories) for school's next-gen learning management system (LMS), spanning the student lifecycle from enrollment through active course consumption to post-graduation alumni experience
  • Acted as product owner for multiple scrum agile teams implementing new custom LMS, defining and coordinating product backlogs for independent web backend, web frontend and native mobile app projects
  • Oversaw launch of new LMS to students and staff, collaborating with sales, support and content teams to identify and enact course corrections based on user feedback


Project Manager @ Integrative Nutrition, NYC

Project management for marketing initiatives and marketing workflow improvements as the school completed its transition from a brick-and-mortar to a fully online model.

  • Coordinated designers, developers and marketers to create and launch landing pages and microsites with short timelines and strict deadlines
  • Implemented and managed automated email campaigns; integrated automation tools into web and email activities to improve lead tracking and behavioral targeting
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Freelance Site Builder & Video Editor in Prague, Czech Republic

Freelance web and video marketing projects for small businesses in Prague.

  • Site strategy, CMS site setup and config, custom HTML/CSS theming
  • Promo video editing, encoding and prep for web, CDN management
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Webmaster & Media Manager @ Search for Common Ground, Washington, DC

Web and video manager at the head office of an international media production NGO.

  • Web content management, HTML/CSS coding, webserver admin
  • Video editing, media asset management, editing studio systems admin



Please visit to view work samples.

Technologies I have worked with include:

  • JIRA and GreenHopper for product backlog definition and prioritization, sprint and task oversight, dev workflow management and process analytics
  • OmniGraffle for business process mapping, user flow definition and app logic specification
  • Drupal as a content management system (CMS), web app framework and webservice/API layer
  • AngularJS as an API-driven, fully responsive HTML5- and CSS3-compliant web frontend
  • iOS and Android apps as both API-driven frontends and independent local apps
  • Coffee as a caffeine-delivery mechanism and energy source


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BA in Philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania

Concentration in Philosophy and Science, Minor in Mathematics

  • Summa cum laude, GPA 3.8 of 4.0


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New technology is cool, but I think using new technology to make things happen is even cooler. The business of building software is ultimately concerned less with tech than it is with people, but that's something often lost in translation between business folks and geeks. My knack for getting along with both the suits and the beards helps me ensure that the best technology is used to create the best experiences.

I am a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) and believe that an agile development methodology is the only way of building software that both gets things done and keeps all the relevant people happy.

I've lived in Europe for much of my life, including Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and Spain. (The rest's been in DC, Philly and NYC.) I'm fluent in Spanish and German, and proficient in Czech. I love cooking, and have worked as a cook at a children's summer camp in southern Bohemia.

I'm an information addict and spend far too much time on Wikipedia. I love discussing language, technology, mathematics and philosophy.